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Léa Seydoux by Matteo Montanari for El Pais
Anonymous: Know of any other brands that offer combat boots other than DH? And OAK?

cp made a cool officers boot and im p sure they made a combat boot as well. slp has cool ones (no shit lol) but i like the dh way more. docs are classic.

wtb slp 15.5cm black 28x32 from fw13 somebody help help help




Eve Delf for May 2014 Tatler Magazine, photographed by me and styled by Deep Kailey. 
ysl biopic w/ sean, kevin, yilla

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im in a cafe and across me there is an elderly couple on a date and they’re wearing the same straw hat with a black band and behind them is a wall of pages with words written on them and this is the most heartwarming thing ive seen in a while

"I found it hard to believe that in all the world there could be a human carcass capable of such maximum-tension greed."

Céline, Journey to the End of the Night